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We support and showcase:

    • Ultra luxury brands
    • High end denim purist labels (raw or selvedge)
    • International denim ateliers & designers worldwide
    • Independent fashion houses with jeanswear pieces
    • Mom & pop denim brands
    • Custom denim repair shops
    • Blue collar or industrial denim at local retailers
    • Urban & hiphop apparel
    • Streetwear and action sports denim
    • Unique & unconventional jeanswear


  • PR firms and your fashion clients

We love to feature your various season collections, advertising campaigns, lookbooks & linesheets, runway looks and photoshoot videos. Although we get a lot of emails, we strive hard to accommodate everyone. We love to feature your company, your cause and your brand. So feel free to communicate with us. You can also inform your PR firm to contact our company.

If you’re a PR Firm, get in touch with us so we can highlight the clients you cater to. Not only do we feature denim brands but also designers who include jeanswear in their repertoire.

Blurry, erratic JPG compressions, pixelized or low resolution images NEITHER do justice to the beauty of your campaign and collections NOR to the amount of hard work, time and sweat which have been invested in it.

We strongly advise and remind that it is important that we post high resolution photos so your collection pieces and campaign will stand out, attract readership, eventually sales revenue and ultimately customer satisfaction and patronage.

Keep us posted in advance before the season starts or when its current.
Send us an email. Contact us at Facebook or Twitter. Best regards.
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Editorial Timeline

In the industry, fashion weeks usually occur every
March (for FW) and October (for SS).

On the other hand, our editorial timeline starts a month or two later.

Actual Season: Fall & Winter (Sept to Apr)
Article Posting for Fall & Winter: Begins May till Oct (same year)

Actual Season: Spring & Summer (Mar to Aug)
Article Posting for Spring & Summer: Begins Nov (previous year) till Apr (next year)

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