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Launched during the first quarter of 2009, Designer Denim Jeans Fashion (DDJF) aims to provide the current news and fashion editorials on denim jeans trends targeting seasonal collections, campaigns and fashion lookbooks for the spring, summer, fall and winter timeline.

While most fashion magazines feature designer’s collections more or less six months ahead, the clothing line presented is practically not available yet to the public. It’s great to know ahead of time what the next “in” thing is, but if you can’t get a hold of it now, then it would be useless. Either, you will forget about it or another fresh trend will replace it.

This approach makes people appreciate the clothing line more when they know that they have access to the apparel once they go online or try it on the store. The current season, the ongoing weather, the type of collections presented, the thematic designs of style and the special jeanswear on hand will encourage fashionistas to participate and purchase right away.

Designers, brands and the media often forget that fashionistas are, first and foremost, consumers. And these consumers, who they cater to, keep their business afloat with revenue, sales and customer loyalty.


We Are

  • We are style curators focusing on jeanswear and denim’s versatile ensembles.
  • Sometimes we feature non-denim wardrobes. This is because, aside from promoting the whole brand, we also give support to the company’s various clothing lines and apparel collections or collaborations.
  • Proper research and due diligence not only establish credibility but also show professionalism. We strive to write quality, clear and concise articles.
  • We are meticulous on proper English grammar, punctuation and spelling. We did not spend years in school for nothing. It’s a shame a lot of blogs and websites allow their authors to be complacent, lazy and sluggish.
  • We provide an educated feedback based on the information and resources we gather. Press releases, campaign blurbs, collection descriptions and item labels are extremely important to present the article in an effective manner.
  • The quality of the images is a must for our articles. A sharp picture is always appealing to the eyes. Grabbing a consumer’s attention is the first step of the sales process. As much as possible, we only use high quality images. We require PR agencies and brands to submit only high resolution photos.
  • We pick the extraordinary items of the season and the best looks so you won’t have to. We all have busy lives, so we are here to make your styling desires and shopping needs a lot easier.


We Are Not

  • We are not a tabloid. Period.
  • We don’t do celebrity sightings and stalkerazzi shots. What fits them may or may not fit you. Know your body and be confident about yourself and who you are.
  • We are not a link farm, neither a spam site nor an adult portal.
  • We don’t post articles just because we have to be the first people to announce it.
  • We hate blurry pictures and low resolution photos. If a brand has a great piece of clothing or an appealing campaign shot, a poor quality image does not do justice not only to it but, most of all, to the people who have invested their time, sweat and money working on the collection.
  • We don’t pick boring clothing pieces. What is the point of wearing them when you’ll look dull and vapid?
  • We don’t pick common apparel pieces. Why buy your brand when everyone else can get it a local thrift shop, discount store or the swap meet?
  • As much as we hate bland, we also don’t like overkills. Overindulgence is not healthy.
  • We don’t chase the herd. We are not followers but leaders.


How We Curate

  • Honestly, not all pieces in a collection or looks on the runway are always outstanding, so we choose the ones which we consider superior.
  • Every single look and collection piece shown on each post are our top picks or favorites for the season.
  • Extraordinary means the item’s quality, style and design are not only distinct to your brand but also exceptionally made. Because the clothing piece looks superb, the public should know about it, crave for it, purchase it and wear it. Simply put, we want you to look great and feel great.
  • We always choose the items that are flattering to your physique. We believe, each one of you should bring sexy back!
  • The best looks are the ones with an attractive ensemble of clothing based on an effective use of color combinations, photo lighting, fabrics and design pieces. Photos look awesome when they accentuate not only the face but also the apparel pieces in which the brand is trying to sell.
  • We spot upcoming trends. We march to the beat of our own drum. Make sure you read every bit of the article and analyze each look for your trendsetting pursuits.
  • We want you to get the best look available. Then, use that shopping knowledge to style yourself above the rest.